Benjamin Franklin
Age:84 (deceased)
Relationships:The Cahill Family
First Appears In:N/A
Last Appears In:N/A

Benjamin Franklin was a Lucian founder, and he was responsible for the Clue Iron Solute. He hid it in Paris when he went there on a diplomatic trip during the American Revolution. People speculate hat he got France to help during the Revolutionary War. He also hid a lead to the next Janus Clue, Tungsten, with the help of fellow Janus, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He did not trust his fellow Lucians. Near the end of his life, Benjamin realized how dangerous the hunt was and quit the Clue hunt. He died in 1790.

File:128px-Benjamin Franklin Signature svg.png

The 39 Clues

File:Iron Solute.jpg
File:Pile of Cash.jpg

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