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This mission you will discover the identity of Vesper Four: The Scientist. The suspects are from Card 278: The Vesper Scientist.


In this mission you have to find out who the Vesper Scientist is.


You get a call from Amy. She tells you about Vesper 4, the Vesper Scientist. She collects six suspects: One of them is still unknown. Your mission is investigate all these people and eliminate one by one to uncover Vesper Four.


You will see 6 photos. Click on them to see what's behind them. Those are the information about the characters


Sandy BancroftEdit

Celebrity weatherman; fluent in ancient Greek; has three pet Chihuahuas

Mark RosenbloomEdit

Possesses degrees in Archeology, History, and Geology; allergic to cantaloupe; loves kung fu films; Jake and Atticus' father

Bartu YilmazEdit

Erasmus's cousin; owns hotels in Istanbul, Paris, Cairo, Venice, Tokyo, and Johannesburg; certified pilot, scuba diver, and masseuse.

Ned StarlingEdit

Is left-handed, although his twin brother, Ted, is right-handed; had birthday parties at the planetarium every year growing up; began going on Ekat missions with his sibling when they were only 11; Sinead's brother who got mental problems after the Franklin Institute bombing.

Salim UmarovEdit

Works at the Ulugh Beg Observatory in Samarkand; studied in Tashkent, Moscow, London, and Athens; reads and writes poetry.

Ian KabraEdit

Has a little sister Natalie owns a mansion,the Kabra mansion According to Madrigal spying, their intelligence gain informations of Vesper Scientist

  1. He always carries ninja stars
  2. He had dual citizenship with the U.S and another country
  3. He is a scientific genius with a special interest in physics and engineering

NOTE: Later on, Sinead will be the one who assist you

INVESTIGATION - Salim UmarovEdit

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The command center team got an encrypted message from the Vespers. Decode the message to reveal informations.


Just like in Mission 2: A King's Ransom, replace the code with alphabets. This code is involving the periodic table. So here's how it works. Look at the periodic table inside the book, look at the number of atom, then replace it with the alphabets.

File:Mini d=game.png


Salim Umarov is monitored by the Vespers. He can't be the Vesper Scientist


When you begin this investigation, Sinead tells you that the Unknown Suspect is Ian Kabra

Ian KabraEdit

Visited three continents in the past three weeks; knows English, French, Italian, and Latin; has access account in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands; Natalie's brother

London, England

Ian is acting suspiciously this time, and you have to investigate in his mansion. You have to sky dive onto the mansion's rooftop.


Just like in Cahills vs. Vespers Mission 1: The Medusa Plot, navigate the diver until reaching the target. Be careful, once you are in parachute, move left and right to avoid the sensors on the roof.


Once you arrived, you searched the mansion. Check's Ian school report


Ian doesn't have any interest in science, so he's not the Vesper Scientist. ==INVESTIGATION - Mark Rossenbloom Maharashtra,==

Mark might have a secret of his own get 5 photos


Take at least 5 photographs of mark


Mark doesn't carry ninja stars, so he's not the Vesper Scientist.

INVESTIGATION - Ned StarlingEdit

Boston, Massachuseetts

The Boston Police Department might keep informations of our suspects, so we have to check it out. But there's a catch. The server is protected with lasers.


Navigate yourself to the very end. Be careful, once you touched the laser, then it's a FAILURE.

File:Laser training.png

Once passed, we check the records.


Ned Starling doesn't have dual citizenship, so he's not the Vesper Scientist.


If you click on Arthur Trent instead of Ned Starling, it shows his criminal records.

INVESTIGATION - Bartu YilmazEdit

Istanbul, Turkey

Bartu turned Amy and Dan to the Interpol, so we need to check on him. Break into his office


Navigate yourself through the chutes. The robot-spider gives a help to show the path. Breaking the security cables and other stuff will give you extra time. Find the opening that leads you to the next floor, then the office.

Using the camera, you check his letter.


Bartu despises all criminal activity, so he's not the Vesper Scientist.


You eliminate five suspects, and that leaves Sandy Bancroft, the weather man. Sandy is the Vesper Scientist and Vesper 4.

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