Description Edit

"Sure, body art is a form of self-expression, but the tattoos on these Tomas agents are just plain weird. It's not
like the Tomas to cover their bodies with strange symbols--they like to leave that to their artsy cousins, the Janus. So could these markings be something more than decoration? Perhaps the Tomas are protecting information so secret that it's not safe to write it down or store it electronically--it has to be saved on a human being! And what happens when these two agents stand side by side...?"




Combined with cards 79, 83, 102 and 126, it forms the Clue Bone.


Answer: 17 South 25 East

Level: 2


Branch: Tomas

Type: Secret

Rarity: Uncommon

Preceded by: Card 128: Alcatraz Lighthouse

Followed by; Card 130: Urban Climbing

The 39 Clues

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