Card 186: The Lost Expedition
Top Secret:No
Where To Get This Card:Card Pack 3
Preceded By:Card 185: The Missing Colony
Followed By:Card 187: Madison Holt


"In 1845, Tomas explorer Sir John Franklin led an expedition to the Arctic. Neither Franklin nor any of his 128 men were ever seen again. There are numerous theories. Some believe the ships became stuck in the ice and the crew starved. Others claim that Franklin was on a secret Tomas mission, and that he was sabotaged by a double agent. Years later, investigators found some strange evidence on an island in the Arctic Ocean. What does it mean? Were Franklin and his team simply the victims of bad weather and worse luck? Or was someone sent on the expedition to ensure that they never returned? Collect all six cards in this combination to unlock a Clue."


Question: What is the secret message carved into the rock?

Answer: He will freeze before he finds Tomas Clue.

Level: 2


This card, combined with Card 147, Card 155, Card 190, Card 192, and Card 195, forms the Clue Magnesium.



The 39 Clues

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