Type: Agent

Branch: Lucian

Rarity: Common

Code: G69CHCG29T

Puzzle: No

Clue: No

Top Secret: No

Description on CardEdit


Name: Natalie Kabra

Age: 11 

Pre-Hunt Ambition: Go shopping in every country on earth 

New Goal: Find the 39 Clues without ruining her shoes

Card DescriptionEdit

Natalie Kabra has always idolized her mother, Isabel. The feared Lucian leader dresses up for all occasions, from fancy dinner parties to bloody assassinations. The hunt for the 39 Clues is Natalie's chance to prover herself to Isabel--to show that she can also be ruthless AND glamorous. But the competition will reveal shocking secrets that makes Natalie question everything she thought she knew about the hunt...and her own family.

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