Type: Agent

Branch: Janus

Rarity: Common

Code: G69K9XGX9T

Puzzle: No

Clue: No

Top Secret: No

Description on CardEdit

Name: Jonah Wizard

Age: 15

Pre-Hunt Ambition: Become the most famous entertainer in the world.

New Goal: Become the most powerful person in the world

Card DescriptionEdit

Jonah Wizard is the most famous kid in the world. He has won countless awards, earned millions of dollars, and even has his own TV show. However, none of this is good enough for his mother, Cora. She's obsessed with the 39 Clues and won't let Jonah rest until he finds them. It's a lot for a fifteen-year-old to handle, but Cora won't take no for an answer. With time running out, it's up to Jonah to decide how far he's willing to go to win, and what--or who--he's willing to sacrifice along the way.

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