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This card pack was released on September 4, 2012 along with Cahills vs Vespers Book 4, Shatterproof. It has a slot in the Cahills vs. Vespers: My Books section of the 39 Clues website. It was be tied to Extreme Mission: The Magellan Heist, like Card Pack 1 was tied to The Marco Polo Heist Mission.

Amazon's DescriptionEdit

The world is counting on YOU!

16 explosive adrenaline-charged game cards unlock a daring online mission. What was legendary explorer Ferdinand Magellan hiding . . . and why will the Vespers kill to find out?

Each card unlocks a game, piece of evidence, or chance to interview a suspect. Do you have what it takes to discover Magellan's secret?

The first card (visible in the "Books" section of the website) shows a picture of Atticus in Berlin, Germany and a message around the outside (probably taken in Shatterproof). When deciphered using the alphabet code, it translates to the secret message "The little Guardian needs to die."


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