Henry Cahill
Branch:Lucian, Madrigal
Age:65 (Deceased)
Relationships:Flora Cahill St. James- Ex-Wife (deceased)

Hae-In Oh-Wife (deceased)

James Cahill- Son (deceased)

Edith Cahill- Daughter in-law (deceased)

Gordon Oh- Son (deceased)

Bae Oh- Son

Lin Kim Oh- Daughter in-law (deceased)

First Appears In:None
Last Appears In:None

Henry Cahill is the father of James Cahill. Henry was born thinking he was a Lucian but later became a Madrigal. When he was 27 he marrried Flora St. James. She was killed by the Lucian leaders because they were upset that Henry became a Madrigal. He later married Ekaterina Hae-In Oh and had twins, Gordon and Bae Oh. Even after he married Hae-In he still supported the Madrigals.

Family Edit

Flora Cahill St. James - Wife

Hae-In Oh -Wife

James Cahill - Son

Edith Cahill - Daughter in-law

Gordon Oh - Son Bae Oh- Son

Lin Kim Oh - Daughter in-law

Grace Cahill - Granddaughter

Beatrice Cahill - Granddaughter

Fiske Cahill - Grandson

Alistair Oh - Grandson

Nathaniel Hartford - Grandson in- law

Hope Cahill - Great Granddaughter

Arthur Trent - Great Grandson in- law

Amy Cahill - Great, Great granddaughter

Dan Cahill - Great, Great grandson

Rebecca Schneider - Sister in- law

Elijah Green - Brother in- law

Stephano Breglio - Divorced Grandson in- law

Jean-Luc Benoit - Divorced Grandson in- law

Sergei Baskov - Divorced Grandson in- law

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