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Lin Kim Oh
Age:Unknown (Presumably the same age as Gordon Oh)
Relationships:Gordon Oh (Husband, deceased)

Bae Oh (Brother-In-Law, in custody)

Alistair Oh (Son, deceased)

First Appears In:N.A.
Last Appears In:N.A.


Lin Kim Oh (오린김) is Alistair Oh's mother. She married Gordon Oh and was therefore Bae Oh's sister in-law. She is an Ekaterina. Lin is mentioned on the card Alistair the Underdog. It has a letter from Gordon Oh on the back which Lin has delivered. Bae writes to Lin saying not to send him this 'sentimental garbage' and that 'we won't be expecting any letters from Gordon soon'. This almost blatantly says that Bae is about to kill Gordon.


Lin was hospitalized because her grief for Gordon Oh was so great.

She died a year after the death of Gordon Oh. This means that Bae Oh was the inadvertent cause of her death.


Lin does not appear on any cards.

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