Marie Curie
Relationships:The Cahill Family
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Marie and Pierre Curie were Ekaterina scientists researching radiation. Only Cahill's knew their work was the search for an Ekat Clue. They took careful precautions for the time the other branches would attack. But a blow came neither would anticipate. On April 19th, 1906, Pierre was struck by a horse-drawn wagon and killed. Some witnesses said he just slipped while others saw the coach driver hit him on purpose. The Lucians made sure these people disappeared from the face of the Earth quickly. Marie continued her work with the loss and amazed the leadership by discovering the Clue Uranium. She toured America as a cover to get the Clue to the Bermuda Triangle stronghold. An intercept vessel sailed during night when she neared the east coast. It was confirmed by five knocks on her room in Cabin 314 and the chemical symbol and atomic number of her favorite chemical element. However, her success came at a high price. Her last years had her slowly dying from radiation poisoning. Her possessions were put in lead lined boxes because of being so radioactive. The element, Curium, was named after her.

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