All users who would like to help plan this, please see the talk page.

Welcome to the 39 Clues Wiki Teams! Each week a new secret mission will be released in code. All teams must solve the code and complete the mission. The first team member of that team to complete the mission is the winner for that week. Every three months, the points are tallied up and the winners get a special badge to put on their profile page. To join a team, just leave three tildes (~) underneath the team name. To be fair, all teams are going to be even. If not enough people are joining a certain team, and too many are joining one, you may be asked to switch. The first contest won't be released until we have people signed up, so let's get started! =)

Old TeamsEdit

We're just keeping these around for sentimental reasons. Ignore them.

The Mini MadrigalsEdit

  1. Canucksfan97
  2. Sweetrose098
  3. Max
  4. ehummon
  5. Fiske Cahill
  6. Eshan Cahill

The Huge HoltsEdit

1. gunner8

The Awesome AlistairsEdit


2. Carrac111

3. rocket72375.93.42.208



The Stealthy SpaskiesEdit

  1. Agent WindFire
  2. Agent Marina
  3. Xero11
  4. Chrocky

The Cunning CobrasEdit

  1. Megadaxo
  2. Owlish
  3. amycahill39
4. Armored Hound

5. AceoftheSpies

The Winning WizardsEdit

1. Agent Gameboy

2. Erik10101

3. Gideoncahill1997


The Shining StarlingsEdit

1. Swordcross


3.The Awesome X!

4. AdventureWriter28

5. AceoftheSpies

6. Rocketsluglovesdharmarootbeer

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