Beware of Spoilers!
The Outcast
Branch:Ekaterina, Madrigal
Age:89-91 (Series 4)
Relationships:Grace Cahill (wife) Hope Cahill, Amy Cahill, Dan Cahill
First Appears In:Mission Titanic
Last Appears In:Mission Atomic
The Outcast is a former member of the Ekaterina branch. He is trying to gain leadership of the entire Cahill family. He thinks that the leaders of the Cahill family (Ian Kabra and Cara Pierce) are too young, so he sets up a competition where the young Cahills have to stop a series of four disasters from happening.


Pre-Mission TitanicEdit

The Outcast was banned from the Ekat branch many years ago, so he is trying to get his revenge. He recruits Aleksander Spasky (Lucian), Magnus Hansen (Tomas), Melinda Toth (Lucian), Toby Griffon (Janus), Vikram Kabra (Lucian) and Patricia Oh (Ekaterina).

Mission TitanicEdit

He infiltrates a Cahill family meeting, and stages a mutiny against Ian Kabra and Cara Pierce. He gives the young Cahills a riddle to solve, and that riddle eventually leads the young Cahills to correctly believe that the Outcast is trying to recreate the Titanic disaster.

Mission HindenburgEdit

He travels to Florida where he neutralizes Beatrice Cahill. He also gives the Cahills a riddle to solve regarding the Hindenburg air disaster in 1937. Nellie Gomez and Sammy Mourad later find information that proves the Outcast to be Grace Cahill's husband, Nathaniel Hartford.

Mission Hurricane Edit

Mission Atomic Edit

It is discovered that he caused the Chernobyl disaster to happen.

Death Edit

In the end of Mission Atomic, the killer bees Nathaniel develops to wipe out the Cahills cover him up and sting him. As he is a Cahill, he dies.

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