The Serum Antidote was the main focus of the Unstoppable arc. The Serum Antidote was made by Olivia Cahill. She learned how to make the antidote from her time as Leonardo Da Vinci's apprentice. It was made by Sammy Mourad in Flashpoint, when the Cahills were assembling the antidote to save Amy's life.

Antidote Locations/Ingredients Edit

Troy : Six whiskers from an Anatolian leopard, ground to a powder. Amy and Dan found this in Nowhere to Run.

Carthage: Silphium, tincture one dram. This is found in Breakaway.

Tikal: Riven crystal, one dram ground to a powder. This is found in Countdown.

Angkor: Venom of a Tonlé Sap Water Snake, half jigger. This was found by Cara Pierce in Flashpoint, and given to Amy, Dan and the others by her.

Pueblo : One head of an ancient piece of corn. This ingredient is found in Unstoppable Mission 1: Written in Stone.

Britannia: Copper butterfly wings. This ingredient is obtained from Unstoppable Mission 2: The Queen's Wings.

Abyssina: Boiled roots of three dingetenga plants. This ingredient is found in Unstoppable Mission 3: Royal Roots.

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