The Vespers are the worst enemies of the Cahills. They are an extremely dangerous organization with strongholds throughout the world. 


Damien Vesper was Gideon Cahill's best friend until he betrayed him for the Master Serum, forcing Gideon to start the fire which burned down Gideon's laboratory.  The Vespers have been sabotaging the Cahills from the start of Gideon's master serum. The Cahills reaveled lots of crimes the Vespers did. Us Cahills should never befriend the Vespers or fall for their lies.

Known, Main and Active StrongholdsEdit

These are the strongholds of the Vespers. The Cahills should always be armed when traveling to these places.

  • Berlin
  • Moscow
  • Warsaw
  • Boston

The Vesper Council of SixEdit

Cahills should always beware these names and identities and attack them at sight.

  • Vesper One (Someone)
  • Vesper Two (Someone)
  • Vesper Three (Someone)
  • Vesper Four (Someone)
  • Vesper Five (Someone)
  • Vesper Six (Someone)


The Vespers currently reside in a wiki Cahills don't need to know about.