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Appears In:"In Too Deep" Card Pack

To earn this Clue, you must add the 6 cards from the book, In Too Deep.


"Ekaterina agent Robert Cahill Henderson was desperately close to assembling all 39 Clues at his secret lab on an Indonesian island when it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Only after he lost everything did he realize that one of the missing Clues had been surronding him the whole time. The last Ekaterina Clue he needed was Water. In his sadness and frustration, he wrote a poem to ensure that his descendents wouldn't make the same error. He included a hint on the line "The very waves sang the song I knew." Who knew Ekats could write poetry?"


When shipwrecked, half-crazy Ekaterina agent Robert Henderson Cahill wrote a poem about a clue in Indonesia after losing his life's work. Amy and Dan deciphered this clue, realizing it was Water because
File:The 39 Clues Clue 12
the poem said that the "waves sang a song I knew" and "Like Newton's discovery it fell on me" This means the tide was coming in and it was raining, so he knew it was water.


The Cutscene shows the explosion of Krakatau and then plunges into the sea. The word 'Water' and an Ekaterina Crest floats upwards and then the screen goes black with just the word and the crest remaining.

Card ComboEdit

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About WaterEdit

Water is a liquid that is vital for life, and without it a person will die in seventy-two hours. The structure is H20, which means two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combined. The planet we live on is seven-tenths water, and our bodies are 75% water.

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